Our own Web Content Management System.


techCMSWe have looked at many CMS systems out there and they are either great at getting content in, good for graphics integration, or have good use interfaces or experiences.  It is rare to find one that has all of the above.  As web developers we do not need a lot of the gidgets and gadgets that those have, so we have built our own designer friendly CMS system that we find matches many of the criteria we needed.  As we bring in new clients, the system develops and expands and each new client benefits from the tools developed for the previous.


This process started nearly 8 years ago, so you can imagine where we are today and how it all comes together.

more coming soon...


Content Management

Any businesses in today's world don’t have the resources to update their web content on a daily, or even weekly basis.  This is because of the amount of knowledge that one must have in order to update traditional web content.  Your online content must evolve as quickly as your business in order to be effective and to be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Our techCMS Content Management System allows anyone to maintain their websites in real time from anywhere in the world, without the need for any installed software.  By simply logging on to your website, you can edit the content, add new pages and update images. This ensures that your website is current, relevant and more effective.

In addition to the content, our web applications also double as multiple location inventory systems, membership applications, logistics tools, online surveys, newsletter CRM, online community and e-commerce web sites.
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